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The ambience of the 3-star hotel in Arabba - The pleasure of hospitality

In our hotel you can enjoy a warm and welcoming atmosphere with a personal touch from the staff, creating an excellent balance between tradition and modernity

Welcome to our hotel in Arabba; with our traditional friendship and familiarity, characteristic of us Ladins, we will try to make you feel at home.

Our simple but elegant environment is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Together with our team of employees, we constantly strive with all our willingness and kindness to understand and satisfy the wishes of our customers. The Hotel Malita was born from the pleasure of hospitality. The well-being of our guests is our biggest concern.

Since 1965 the Family De Cassan, now in its third generation, has always tried to grow and improve, beautify and modernize along with the team. Over the years the small guest house turned into the current 3-star hotel.

Enjoy a meal, have a drink or just sit in the sun listening to the “sounds” and watching the “colours” of nature on one of the sunniest terraces of Arabba. Here our customers can relax and recharge their batteries.

TIMETABLE WARM KITCHEN IN TERRACE: 12.00 a. m. to 2.00 p. m.
SNACKS: from 2.30 p. m. onwards