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Opening hours and services of the wellness area at the hotel in Arabba

Discover the numerous wellness offers of the 3-star hotel in Livinallongo del Col di Lana and spend peaceful and harmonic moments

Times Wellness: from 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm
Times Hydro and Solarium: from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm
A session in the Turkish bath determines increased sweating, hydrating and detoxifying the skin by acting in a beneficial way on the respiration and on the air passages. An average temperature of 45 °C and a humidity of 90% make the stay in the Turkish bath pleasant, without straining the cardiovascular system.
Take an accurate shower before entering the Turkish bath. Sit on your towel or use the sprinkler to clean your seat. Exit the Turkish bath and cool off with a lukewarm shower. Rest and relax.
Duration: 10 - 20 minutes
Basically it is the effect of the ice after a session in the various cabins (sauna, Turkish bath or Vitarium) that produces beneficial effects on the circulatory and nervous systems, gives a pleasant sensation of freshness and tones the body. Ice as a carrier of multiple stimuli gives positive sensations, balance and force to the body.
The principle of alternating hot and cold baths according to Kneipp is completed by the stimulating activity of river pebbles. These jets of hot and cold water increase blood circulation in a very delicate way and together with a gentle foot massage you can get a feeling of well-being. The use of Kneipp is recommended before and after the sauna. Press the button or activate the appropriate photocell, access to the system Kneipp.
Walk on the cobblestones of the river feeling a nice foot massage.
Waterbeds are simply ideal for rest and relaxation. They permit a wide range of applications in private homes as well as in larger wellness facilities. After waterbeds were successfully introduced to various spas and therapeutic institutions, where they proved their therapeutic value and economic viability, they are now becoming increasingly popular for a new quality of sleep. A rising number of individuals suffer from back problems due to poor posture, sedentary lifestyle and overweight. Waterbeds relieve these conditions while you are at rest! There is no need for time consuming, strenuous back training. The combination of the warm surface and the floating sensation relieves the vertebral column, stimulates blood circulation and relaxes the muscles. The waterbed provides even support for your body. This reduces pressure in problem zones and promotes free blood circulation. The vertebral column automatically comes to rest in a natural position and is equally supported over its entire length. This is an ideal position to relieve the inter-vertebral discs during the resting phase.
Relax, pull the plug - just be! Inner peace is one of the basic elements of well-being. After being regenerated and refreshed in other areas, you will find the meditative silence in the islands of quiet and feel pervaded by a deep sense of inner peace: sitting, lying down or walking in tranquillity. The relaxation area, with inviting ergonomic chairs and water mattresses will create the conditions for total relaxation.
Experience this sensational and unique sauna.
Treat yourself to the charm of its ambience. The alternating temperatures produce a beneficial effect, purifying the body, strengthening the immune system and improving physical performance. For a proper sauna we recommend: Take a shower before starting the sauna session. Enter the sauna and sit or lie on a towel. Sweat and experience the pleasure of the sauna for a period of 10-15 minutes. Cool the body taking a cold shower.
Rest and relax. The process can be repeated up to a maximum of 3 sessions.
Duration: approx. 2-6 min
Temperature: approx. 15-38 ° C to pleasure
Frequency: before and after a number of baths or applications
The Vitarium stimulates the senses with relaxing music, the scent of essential oils, coloured light and pleasant climate (60 °C, 40% humidity). Enjoy the sense of peace that emanates this bath. Please sit or lie down on a towel. Take a shower and dry thoroughly.
Have a seat in the Vitarium. Enjoy the pleasant festival of colours, scents and sounds.
After the session walk in a ventilated area and take a warm shower.
Duration: Depending on the token or card.
It is important to recognize your type of skin.
Frequency: at most once a day, then prevent other exposures to the sun. With the maximum time recommended not more than 50 exhibitions a year including the sun. Take a break of at least 4 weeks per year.